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Writing for Local Veterinary Hospitals
Writing for Local Veterinary Hospitals Writing for Local Veterinary Hospitals by Brian Konradt Freelance writer STANLEY BURKHARDT has a passion for animals. He loves animals so much, he crafted himself a new career. For the last eight years, S...Full Article
Medical Transcription, An Emerging Winner
There are defined objectives to think about when trying to choose a career, including knowing yourself, knowing your options, knowing how you constitute decisions and addressing any barriers to your decision-making. Effective career decision-gener...Full Article
Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery
Youve done your research, had several consultations, selected your surgeon and scheduled the surgery. Now what? Following some prudent rhinoplasty before and after suggestions can shorten your recovery, help to protect and preserve your health and im...Full Article

The Importance of Physician Recruiting Software
Physician recruiting software serves two important purposes. It helps hospitals and health organizations find qualified doctors, and it provides physicians with leads that may help them find a place to practice medicine. Physician recruiting...Full Article
How To Talk With Your Doctor And Get Results
Read this article and you will learn tips from a nurse who has worked in private practices, clinics, rural, and academic hospitals about how to get the most out of a doctor visit.1. Appointment.If something is seriously wrong, BE CLEAR! Tell them i...Full Article
Living With a Latex Allergy
The interesting thing about latex is that it is a huge part of our society, often without being noticed. For example, carpet backing, pencil erasers, baby pacifiers, wheelchair tires, toys, balloons, and even elastic in clothing is latex. However, mo...Full Article

Health Insurance 101 for Individuals and Families
The changing healthcare and health insurance landscape in the United States has resulted in more individuals and families purchasing health insurance coverage on their own. Rather than touch on the number of reasons why this is the case, I would like...Full Article
ARTISTS HELPING CHILDREN FOUNDATION JUST LAUNCHEDBy Rachel GoldsteinRemember when you were a kid and you had to go to the hospital? Remember the strange sights, the sounds, unpleasant smells, and strangers entering your hospital room? You had no idea...Full Article
As a parent, you most definately want to guide your child to become a healthy and ethical adult. How may you lead your child to a healthy future? What kind of activities might you do together as a family that will steer your child towards becomin...Full Article

Using SMS to Increase Profits
One of my old employers used to constantly bring up 1800-flowers when talking about positive customer contacts. After sending his mother flowers for her birthday, they sent him a reminder email next year quote Hank, dont lose your memory Gretas bi...Full Article
There are some diseases that people have to deal with and their costs are unaffordable for the average man, considering the fact that he has several bills to pay and other responsibilities that come along with heading a family. Handling a household p...Full Article
The truth about color schemes in an interior design project.
Dear friends, It is a universally accepted truth that color impacts human mind and therefore must be used smartly in an interior space. There is a normal practice amongst interior designers, to use color schemes to enhance the beauty of an inte...Full Article
Gender Bias in Stroke Care
I cant think of any adequate excuse for women to receive medical care that is less grand than that which is received by men. However, evidence for this continues to surface. The latest study to demonstrate this unsettling fact was published in the Se...Full Article
Strengthening Patient Education for Community Hospitals
Intellisphere and Creative Force Announce Strategic Partnership Community Patient Education ...Just What the Doctor Ordered Plainsboro, NJ October 4, 2005 -- Intellisphere, LLC and Creative Force Video Productions have launched a media partnershi...Full Article
Medical Tourism in India - Save Money and get a Free Holiday!
Medical Tourism in India - Save Money and get a Free Holiday! Medical tourism is the provision of competitively priced private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry. Patients might travel to India for surgery and other forms of ...Full Article





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